KCFC September Borns Donate to Widows

On Saturday, 30th October, 2023, September borns who are members of KCFC embarked on a donation exercise at Kpeve Tornu in the Volta region of Ghana as part of their months' celebrations.

The beneficiaries who were nine(9) widows and and one(1) widower each received a pack containing rice, cooking oil, sardines, soft drinks, spaghetti, and tomato paste.

The gesture falls in line with KCFC's drive to organize its members into birth months with the view of month celebrants connecting with each other, celebrating each other and as a month, pulling together resources to reach out to the less privilege in any way they can.

The September outreach, whcih was led by the September Coordinator, Mr. Jeremiah Kuyele was in response to information gathered that there were widows in the Kpeve area that needed social support.

Although members of the September group recognizes that what they had to donate was not a forever solution, they strongly believed that their effort will encourage others to come to the aid of these widows and in the same light, send a strong to the widows and their community at large, that society has not forgotten about them.

In response to the gesture from the KCFC September borns, spokesman for the beneficiaries expressed his gratitude to the team for reaching out to them. They were even more appreciative knowing that no member of the donating team hails from Kpeve Tornu or the Kpeve general area. Also, there is no member currently of KCFC who comes from Kpeve. That for them humbles them and assures them that indeed they are not forgotten.

Mr. Prince Phafa Adom and Ms. Gifty Selasi Enam Awunyo, members of the KCFC September team, expressed their appreciation to the community for the warm welcome and promised to pass by and visit them when time allows.

With a vision to bring together adult Change Networkers from varied backgrounds and social standings who are committed to pulling resources together to effect change in key areas within their communities and in each others lives, Kikis Court Fan Club (KCFC), registered as KCFC Foundation, is a non-religious, non-allied political, non political, and non-tribal community of adults above the age of 18yrs and of sound mind with a passion to be part of the Change Networkers team.

Our programs and activities are focused largely on the following four areas:

  1. Supporting and promoting education from the basic to the tertiary level through various interventions
  2. Supporting the health sector through interventions targeted at supporting Children, Maternal, and Mental health issues
  3. Rolling out projects that support correctional institutions such as the Prisons
  4. Engaging in General Welfare interventions targeting marginal groups within our communities as well as members of the network

Membership of KCFC is opened to all adults (per the constitution of the Republic of Ghana) of sound mind, living anywhere on the face of the earth. Membership centres around your willingness to be a Change Networker, ready to commit resources and time to community work even as you grow your personal network.

Visit us at www.kcfcgh.org for more information on what we do and how you can join us.