Who We Are

Kikis Court Fan Club (KCFC) is a non-religious, apolitical, and non-tribal community of adults above the age of 18yrs and of sound mind with a passion to be Change Networkers.


It is an indegenous Ghanaian initiative, started from Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana but with a global outlook.



The formation of the Club was inspired by Kikis Court Resort's vision to promote youth involvement in the development of their communities as well as Ghana's tourism industry, a corporate social responsibility agenda which is dear to the heart of the CEO of Kikis Court, Mr. Patrick Ahumah.


Since the formation of KCFC on 1st May, 2020, The Management of Kikis Court has remained committed to supporting it achieve the aims for which it was set up and Mr. Ahumah does not hesitate in availing the facilities and services of Kikis Court to the Club as well as supporting the events and activities of the Club in any way he can.


Kikis Court Fan Club (KCFC) by orientation is an independent affiliate of Kikis Court, Hohoe and it is fully responsible for its actions and inactions


OUR Programs

Our programs focuses on

  1. Supporting and promoting education from the basic to the tertiary level through various interventions
  2. Support the health sector through interventions targeted at supporting Children, Maternal, and Mental health issues
  3. Rollout programs for the welfare of members