Dos and Don'ts


Kikis Court Fan Club (KCFC) is a Dues-Paying Club. We also pay Levies and make Donations as and when the need arises. All members are entreated to pay up at all times or risk being taken off the group.


Our guiding word is #together because we believe that together we are able to achieve anything.


Mutual respect among members is a must and members are discouraged from taking advantage of each other in the name of the club. When found out, such a member shall be named and shamed and if it continues, the member will be removed from the group.


The Club's WhatsApp platforms are opened for all sorts of discussions except Politics and Pornography. These two, in any form or shape is totally banned from our discussions.


We have weekly activities that we run on the platform:

  1. Monday - Day to share motivational messages and sermons. 
  2. Tuesday - Terrific Tuesday set aside for members to surprise each other in any way they can. 
  3. Wednesday - Market Day where members are encouraged to do business on the platform. 
  4. Thursday - Is our Selfie day where members are encouraged to take Selfies and post on the page so we can put faces to the names. We want to know each other even though we may be far apart. 
  5. Friday - Call a member day. Members are to call as many members as possible. We encourage that members start by calling number they don't know so they make new friends. 
  6. Weekend - Free for all. We post freely anything on weekend.


We Do Not encourage sharing of links on the page unless they have been verified. Also forwarding materials to the page are not encouraged. We like the human touch so you can type and voice note all you can and we are happy.


The Club is heavily activity based. Some of the Activities are Sector based whiles some involve all sectors. Members are encouraged to participate in at least six activities in a year.


The Club's Annual Homecoming, where all Sectors converge in Hohoe in the Volta Region is a must participate for all members. This is normally during the first weekend of May each year. Members are to plan ahead for this.


Kikis Court in Hohoe is the Home of the Club although its membership is not limited to people living in or from Hohoe or even from the Volta Region.


The Club is 100% independent of Kikis Court as a business entity.


Thank you.

Christian Adusu-Donkor
The High Priest