Why Join CTN

Nine (9) reasons why you should join the Change Tertiary Network (CTN)


  1. Widen your social network, make new friends, and meet people who share your interests.
  2. Discover new interests. With the many diverse activities that the on-campus Networks will be engaged in, you get the opportunity to discover new areas of interest you might not have thought of.
  3. Nurture fresh skills, create new connections and boost prospects. The Mother groups, KCFC Foundation and The Change Networkers creates opportunities for you to interact with professionals who are already in the work space. This is a great asset as you have the opportunity to network at the employer level.
  4. Give back to the community. If you care about the environment or about contributing to the betterment of education amongst the rural poor, then CTN is your campus club.
  5. Learn more about yourself. Joining CTN presents many opportunities to get to know yourself, your goals and your strengths better. This self-awareness can be beneficial now and in the future.
  6. Test your mentoring skills by participating in our Student Mentors Project which seeks to empower junior members of the Network.
  7. Develop expertise and experience in event planning and organisation.CTN depends heavily on physical meetings, competitions, trips, and fundraisers for its success. If you become a committee member, you can gain invaluable experience in planning and executing events and activities.
  8. Achieve a balance. It’s healthy to have breaks from your studies from time to time! While the primary objective of being here is to study and earn a degree, being involved with CTN can help you lead a balanced university life.
  9. Integrate on campus. It can be challenging, as a first year, to adapt to student life. CTN provides an excellent way to integrate. It’s a good way of making friends with people who are not necessarily doing the same course as you or are your mate.