Agbashivi Series

SONGELI (self made Kite)

Before pyjamas became fashion for kids in Africa, every child used their Mothers extra piece of cloth on the kaba and slit style to sleep and "sadekortome" (wrap around neck like a dress) when we wake up.

Hotsui (Cowries)

A Wealthy man in the Ewe language is called "Hotsuitor" and it is derived from the two words "Hotsui" which means cowries and "tor" which means owner. So "Hotsuitor" literally means "Cowries owner" and this is because Cowries were one of the earliest currency used in Africa.


In the Volta region of Ghana and among the Ewe people we call it "GATE" which is pronounced as two words (Ga_te) and literally GA means iron or metal and TE means grinder or mill. So "GA-TE" means an Iron mill.

'Gomekadigbe' - (Kerosene Hurricane Lantern).

Before wires gave us light the hurricane lamb was the finest gentleman among his peers. He is called in Ewe “Gomekadigbe” which means “light hidden in a shell” because of the transparent glass protection which covers the light.