Vision, Mission & Objectives


Our vision is to grow a community of committed Adult Change Networkers with varied backgrounds and social standings to pull resources together to effect change in key areas within their communities and in each other’s lives.



KCFC's mission is to initiate and engage in social interventions as well as internal activities that will lead to accelerated community development and improved lifestyle of our members.



Below are our Key Objectives:

  1. EDUCATION: In line with SDG 4, we are focused on supporting and promoting quality education from basic to Tertiary level with our basic level effforts focused on deprived communities in Ghana. By so doing, we hope to facilitate "inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".
  2. ENVIRONMENT: Promotion of good practices in the area of environmental sustainability and eco-tourism
  3. GIRLCHILD: Promote the empowerment of the girlchild by investing in interventions that directly affect their health, wellbeing and education. This is an effort that combines components of SDG 3 and 5. Our Menstrual Pad Bank project, which focuses on making menstrual sanitary pads available to adolescent young girls in deprived communites in Ghana and also provide them with the necessary education needed for proper menstrual care and healthy lifestyle sits in SDG 3: which speaks to Good Health & Well-Being. In doing this, we will also be contributing to achiecing SDG 5 which speaks to gender equality. By ensuring that monthly periods do not take the girl-child out of school, we are promoting equal opportunity for both genders to learn, acquire knowledge and aspire equally for greatness.
  4. WELFARE: Establish a welfare scheme that supports members of the network
    1. during defined times (in joy and in sadness)
    2. to learn a trade
    3. to facilitate continous education within the strenght of the network
  5. LIFESTYLE: Promotion of Healthy living through regular healthcheck and keep fit activities among members of the club, friends and family.