Membership Benefits

As a member of KCFC, you get to be a part of;


(A) A Club that provides Solid Group Support

During death of your loved ones, specifically your Mother, Father, Spouse, Child (2), and a guardian in the event of you being an orphan, all members of the club will be levied an amount of GHc20.00 each. Monies raised will be used to facilitate the clubs participation and support. Whiles part of the moneywill be given to you in cash, part will also go into supporting other areas of the funeral and KCFC's participation.


During wedding and at child birth, the Club will present a befitting package to you and join you celebrate. This will be taking care of from Membership dues. Members will not be levied.


When ill and admitted in a recognized medical facility, leadership and membership of the Club will visit you at the hospital if it's so permitted. If there is a need for the Club to support financially, the appropriate consultations will be made and steps will be quickly taken to support you financially.


Whether you are a member resident in Ghana or Not, once the group support is required in Ghana and you are in good standing, we would be there as a group to play our part. This is something you can always count on.


(B) KCFC Care

KCFC Cares is a Welfare Fund designed to provide a much more dependable support to members in defined times of need. Membership of the Fund is voluntary and opened only to members of KCFC in good standing. For detailed information on the Fund, visit the section on KCFC CARES.


(C) A Club committed to the Personal Development of members

With many skills training and personal development programs scheduled for the Club, your membership gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these programs to gain new skills or upgrade existing ones.


(D) A Community Development Club

Whilst agreeing that Government has the primary role of developing our communities, we believe strongly that we as citizens have our role to play as well. Membership of KCFC gives us the chance to participate as a group in the development of the communities we so love. Get on the ride and lets share in the joy of making a difference in the lives of our people.


(E) Numerous Networking Activities

Our Networking activities, physical and virtual are great times for you to build networks that will forever impact on your career development efforts and friendships.


(F) A Great Family

Our Platform is different. It is not your regular WhatsApp platform or Social Club. It is a family that laughts together and cries together. With members located all over the world, we are a family that provides solid support to each other wherever we find ourselves.