Membership Responsibilities

Membership of KCFC comes with responsibilities. key among them are the following:


Maintain Membership Integrity

As human's there are times we will need help from each other. If for any reason you have to borrow anything from any member, ensure that you pay up on time to maintain not only your own integrity but the integrity of the group in general. If your name comes up to leadership more than twice, it shall be published on all our platforms as not being trustworthy. Please take this seriously.


Prompt Payment of Dues

As a member you obligated to pay your monthly dues promptly. Currently the dues is GHc10.00 per month. It is expected that all members pay their dues by the end of each month or risk being removed from the WhatsApp platform until payment is made. All benefits as a member is tied to the up-to-date payment of dues.


Participation in Club Activities

A key essence of the club is to promote education, member welfare and engage in community development activities. It is required that all members participate in these activities. Infact, members are to participate in a minimum of six(6) activities of the club per year; this includes attending Sector Meetings. Non particpation will result in the club not participating physically in your event if required.


Participation on the Clubs WhatsApp Platform

KCFC's main platform of communication is it's WhatsApp platforms. Once added, you are required to fully participate in deliberations and the daily activities outlined for the page. Non-participation will result in your deletion from the page and from the club for that matter.


Respect All Members

Respect of each other is key to the growth of the group. Don't look down on any of our members or disrespect any member off or on the platform. No scores will be settled on the platform. If a member offends you and the two of you are unable to sort it out amicably engage the executives. Do not engage in a fight and never bring it to any of our platforms. You might get deleted.